Crispy Chicken

Crispy Chichen is delicious.

Welcome to enjoy the true taste of Colombian chicken, unique, delicious and prepared with the finest ingredients. Come closer so you can enjoy your favorite foods and feel in our sason the true taste of home.

Complemented With your Choice of

French Fries

They are an excellent complement to the good burger. We do them well browned and crispy fried in oil and absolute cleaning process..


You can choose your preferred soda.
Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta and others.


Increases the flavor of our delicious burger with our dressing.
Golf Sauce, Mustard and many more.

Typically sweet course that includes a meal so you can choose from our dessert menu.

Our Products

Number 1.  Combo. Crispy Chicken
French Fries
Number 5.  Piece of Chicken Crispy Chicken
Each piece delicious and prepared
with the finest ingredients.