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Unless you or someone you love is of Colombian heritage, that is. Then all it would take is one glance at the menu, or a quick peek into the display case of baked goods and desserts. That's because La Sultana is dedicated to Colombian food and bakery. Who happen to love Latin food.

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La Sultana Authentic Colombian Food is located on 40 Maverick St. East Boston, MA 02118
You finally find to La Sultana Bakery for the first time, and has a great menu of Colombian dishes. We started with a trio of empanadas Colombian, are nonetheless too tempting to resist. Our Bakery, by incorporating modern efficiencies into our baking and by continually training all of our employees, our bread consistently exceeds our customer’s standards. At La Sultana, we meticulously monitor the entire baking process to ensure all products meet expected requirements and quality control. more


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